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Image by James Wainscoat
Straw Blowing

Hydro-Straw Hydroseeding is a straw product used and applied by a Hydroseeder as an alternative to straw. It is less messy and doesn't blow away in the wind. Seed, glue and fertilizer can also be added to the hydro-straw. This allows the blanket to stick to flat areas and slopes while creating a nourishing environment for the new seed to grow in.

Large construction sites, landfills, erosion control for fire damage, top coat hydroseeding for added erosion cover, wetland coverage, slope, river and streambank cover etc. Straw blowing is used as an added erosion blanket cover over hydroseeding to retain added moisture, keep hydroseed warm in cold times of the year and also slow erosion from heavy rains. It is also used alone to temporarily cover in the spring, fall and winter months to provide cover and erosion control until dirt moving and construction starts.

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