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fresh grass hydroseed

I wanted to take some time to say thank you for everything that you have done for Coastal Community Bank. You have been there for the last 4 years to help the bank with everything that we have faced in regards to property maintenance, clean-ups and restorations. Specifically, I have asked you to clean up several properties that were fully over grown with grass, weeds, plants and bushes taller than I am and you have done it quickly, timely and for less money than others wanted to charge. Agrow-Tech's most impressive quality is your reliability and efficiency. You would drop everything to make sure that the bank's projects got completed as quickly as possible. I always tell people that if they want something to get done then they need to call Agrow-Tech. Thanks again for being so stellar for the bank as I know I can always count on you.

Tyler Ferguson / Coastal Community Bank / Senior Vice President

I have known Troy for more then 10 yrs and have had many interaction on many different levels of a working relationship. Troy has done many projects for me such as grading, brush removal and hydroseeding and has always met mine and my clients expectation. Troy is an honest hard working individual that never lets me down. The quality of his workmanship and professionalism is always outstanding and I would personally highly recommend Troy for any project as he has the knowledge and resources to get the project done on time and with in budget.

Tim Bruggman / Golden Eagle Development Services / Principal

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